Selection of clean carpets


Is CarpetGuru expensive?

No, our services are not considered expensive by our many regular customers. However we do not guarantee to be the cheapest around as we provide a thorough, professional cleaning service using the highest standard of equipment and the industry leading chemicals and cleaning agents.


How long does carpets & suites take to dry?

Most of the water is extracted by powerful twin vacuums during the cleaning process so items are only slightly damp afterwards and completely dry within around 4 hours. To speed drying up even further we can use turbo dryers.  Carpets can be walked on straight away.


How often should I get my carpets & upholstery cleaned.

We recommend at least once a year to keep the carpets in tip top condition. The pile is restored back to look as new.  However for stain removal immediate action is necessary so we offer a quick call out service to ensure the stain is removed as soon as possible.  Especially important for families with small children where cleanliness is essential.


Will my carpet shrink?

Most carpets can be cleaned by the Extracta method without any shrinkage at all.

We test a small inconspicuous area first for shrinkage before continuing the cleaning system.


What is stainguard?

Stainguard provides a protective treatment to prevent liquid spills becoming a stain. Dust and dirt will be much easier to remove as will not penetrate the fibres which have been stainguarded.


I have pets and they have had an accident how do I remove the stains and smells?

You cannot mask the smell as the carpet/suite needs to be thoroughly cleaned to remove the urine. CarpetGuru uses a urine neutraliser which will remove any trace and then finish with a deodoriser to get your item smelling fresh and new again.


I think I have fleas!

We use an insenticide treatment to remove the fleas and their eggs.


What about asthma are your cleaning agents suitable?

The Extracta products are fine to use in homes with asthma sufferrers and cleaning to remove dust mites is essential to keep your home dust and mite free.